Kashmiries face threats post Pulwama, needs a restrain to arrest insecurity among Kashmiries

The Supreme Court’s direction to Chief Secretaries and police chiefs of states and union territories to take prompt action to prevent threats, assaults, intimidation and boycott of Kashmiries, especially students, after the February 14 Pulwama suicide bombing is expected to provide them relief, particularly in the northern states, in fact strengthen India’s unity by winning Kashmiries to Indian side and that will go along way.  Entire India in a single slogan welcomes the Supreme Court direction for the safety of Kashmiri students. What now needs to be done is that all those involved in attacks on Kashmiries needs to be brought to justice.

The court also issued the notice to the Centre and 11 states on a Public Interest Litigation filed by advocate Tariq Adeeb that focussed attention on the incidents, including Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy’s widely condemned call to boycott Kashmiris in the aftermath of the terror attack on a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy. Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy’s call to boycott Kashmiris in the aftermath of the terror attack on a CRPF convoy is meaningless, unwanted and against Indian interests to keep Kashmir with India.

Indeed the Supreme Court order has come as a big relief for Kashmiri students, being targeted by the right-wing students’ wings, this needs a discussion about whether to ban the right wings students unions. Kashmiri students went outside the state to pursue their studies proving that their first priority is education and India. Pushing these innocent children to the wall does not suit anyone other than those who do not want that Kashmiris should be with India. Violence against Kashmiri students across India speaks of a mindset in which no moderate and right thinking person has any space.

Most incidents of violence have been blamed on rightwing Hindu and RSS affiliated students activists. Despite the fear of the stray attacks have created, fortunately leading to no death, thousands of Kashmiris continue to live amid the rest of the population across the country, but with a tinge of fear.

It is most unfortunate that the most recent assault occurred in Yavatmal in Maharashtra when Kashmiri students of Dayabhai Patel College of Physical Education were pounced upon in Waghapur Road area on Wednesday night.

They were intercepted outside their home by activists allegedly from the Yuva Sena, the youth wing of the Shiv Sena. They were slapped, kicked, punched and threatened with dire consequences. But the assault sparked widespread condemnation including by the Yuva Sena whose leaders pledged action if the attackers were Sena members. Is Shiva Sena working to drive away Kashmiries from Indian fold?

In Kolkata, where thousands of Kashmiris live, one Kashmiri doctor who has lived in the city for the past 22 years, is married to a Bengali and whose two children study in an upmarket school was threatened last week but vowed to stay put. Hundreds of Kashmiri students studying in institutions in Haryana and Punjab had been living in fear of a backlash following the Pulwama attack.

Sikh non-profit organisation Khalsa Aid has sent nearly 300 Kashmiri students from various places back to their home state. Khalsa Aid volunteers said on Thursday in Mohali, where the students had gathered after the Pulwama attack, that the last batch was sent on specially arranged vehicles with security till Jammu so that they could travel further to their respective places. In Jammu, Sikh neighbours, in particular, came out in support of Kashmiri Muslims when mobs vandalized their property.

Kashmiri students residing in PG accommodation in Mullana village in Haryana’s Ambala district were told to leave on February 16. Following this, some arrived in Mohali while others took refuge in the Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed) University hostels. Some Kashmiris also arrived in Mohali from Dehradun and adjoining areas where rightwing Hindu groups were most aggressive, literally driving away the students.

Every peace loving and Akhand Bharath including Kashmir desired citizen wonder as to why and what was the fault of Indians, the Kashmiri students in the suicide bomber episode in Pulwana in Kashmiri on the CRPF?  No, doubt 100per cent of Kashmiris wishes to live with India.

It is very appreciable that Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has said that there were around 4,000 Kashmiri students studying in institutions in Punjab and their safety would be ensured.

It is unfortunate that a teacher from the Kashmir Valley in a private university near Jalandhar city in Punjab was forced to resign after a social media post linked him to comments on the Pulwama attack. Salman Shaheen, who was Assistant Professor of English at Lovely Professional University, alleged that a photo of his Facebook status was distorted to create an impression that he had written something objectionable about the suicide bombing.

It is unfortunate that some section of Indias having allegiance to RSS has no justifiable mind to analyse who is against India and who is for India. In fact, these groups always threatened minority Muslim Society and always try to bring differences in various societies for their political survival.
Less threat to Muslim Society, these politicians have no political future.

Infact during Muslim rulers, India had Akhand Bharat from Afganistan to Myanmar, just for the reasons of reducing Muslims into minorities to misrule, harass and threaten and convert them into Hinduism later. In fact, the RSS affiliated wings enjoy in harassing every Muslim in India.

The Punjab and Haryana Police are keeping a close watch on the security and safety of the Kashmiri students. The activities of some Kashmiri students, especially who are of Left-wing ideology and on social media, were being tightly monitored by police and security agencies.

In Himachal Pradesh, a court in Kasauli on February 17 sent a second-year civil engineering student from Kashmir to judicial custody till February 28 for allegedly posting a comment “glorifying” the Pulwama killings. And a court at Anekal in Bengaluru Rural District sent three Kashmiri students to 14-days judicial custody on February 17 for allegedly posting anti-India and anti-Army remarks on Facebook. Another student, Tahir Latif, was remanded to judicial custody for allegedly uploading a screenshot of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) suicide bomber Adil Ahmed Dhar on his Whatsapp messenger platform.

The policing and the Judiciary is rightly doing their respective duties in the larger interests of the nation. Jammu people strive to be with India while Kashmiris want independence. Besides they have the option whether to align with India or Pakistan.

While Kashmiris need to restrain themselves from getting mislead by foreign terror-promoting organisations creating, India should strive to promote employment opportunities for Kashmiri massive unemployed illiterate and educated youth with the state as guarantor for their loan.