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Karimnagar insect swarm: Samples sent for analysis, motorists avoid route

Karimnagar: The caddisfly samples that were collected from the Rajiv Rahadari (Karimnagar-Hyderabad) road on the outskirts of Karimnagar were sent to a Bengaluru laboratory on Monday.

For the last five days, thousands of caddisflies have been disrupting traffic along the Kakatiya canal. With the flies hitting their faces, several motorists had fallen off their bikes and two-wheelers.

Authorities from the Municipal, Revenue and Irrigation Department have intensified chemical spraying operations to kill the insects. They also conducted a drive to clear stagnant water in the nearby canal as the flies are believed to breed more in places with water stagnation.

Karimnagar District Collector K Shashanka, who is monitoring the situation, directed the authorities concerned to increase lighting on the roads adjacent to the canal to divert the flies away from traffic. Meanwhile, motorists are trying to avoid taking the route after sunset. The flies hide inside tree branches or under the canal bridge during the day, and come out in the night.