Andhra Pradesh

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan declares war on YSRC govt

VIJAYAWADA: Exuding confidence that his party will come to power by winning the 2024 elections, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan on Wednesday said the YSRC could be confined to a mere 15 seats from 151 it won in 2019.

Speaking at a meeting of party leaders, Pawan launched a scathing attack on the YSRC. “Our party leaders and cadre would not be cowed down by your verbal and physical attacks. Those in power now have money but they lack fear. I will show you what fear is.’’

Responding to the alleged abusive language being used by the ruling party leaders, Pawan said he has been very responsible in the usage of his words ever since he floated the party. “Don’t think that I can’t use harsh or abusive language,” he warned.

Pawan said the ruling party had ignored development of the State and this is reflected in the condition of roads in the State. “The government is not even in a position to pay salaries on time,” he said and added that Amaravati should be continued as the capital of AP.