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Army cries ‘Bajrang Bali ki Jai’ during joint military exercise with UK: BRS demands sacking of Modi Govt

New Delhi: The 7th edition of joint-military exercise “Ajeya Warrior-23” between India and the United Kingdom was conducted at Salisbury Plains in UK from April 27 to May 11.

‘Bajrang Bali ki Jai’ slogan was raised by soldiers of the Indian Army during the 7th edition of the India-UK joint-military exercise “Ajeya Warrior-23” at Salisbury Plains in the United Kingdom that concluded on Thursday.

A video posted by the news agency Asian News International (ANI) shows Army soldiers shouting ‘Bajrang Bali ki Jai’ apart from ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’.

Reacting on safronisation of Indian Armed Forced by Narendra Modi Government, Bahujana Rashtra Samithi (BRS) chief MA Mujeeb (former combatant) who is also the national President of All India Muslim Federation (AIMF) alleged that Narendra Modi government is deliberately trying to replace the Manusmrithi Constitution inplace of the Constitution of India and with the malafide intensions deliberately safronising Indian Armed Forces in violation of the oath by the Constitution, Advocate High Court Mujeeb questioned.

Mujeeb demanded that the President of India sack unconstitutional Narendra Modi Government and elect a new and responsible Government in accordance with the secular principles of the Constitution of India Mujeeb added.

Mujeeb asked the Chief of Services to set the Indian Armed Forces in line with the secular principles of the Constitution of India. Mujeeb also appealed President and the Chief Justice of India to set the Indian Army in accordance with the Constitional ethics so that all citizens across India pose faith and confidence in Indian Army, asked BRS national president MA Mujeeb

It is not known why exactly a religious slogan was raised by the troops of the nation’s army.

Contingents from the British and Indian Armies have been undertaking training for the past two weeks.

This year, Exercise Ajeya Warrior involved troops from the UK’s 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team and 2nd Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles and India‘s 6th Battalion of the Bihar Regiment.

Increasing the scope, complexity and dynamism considerably from previous iterations of the exercise, a company from the Bihar Regiment was integrated into the 2nd Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles battlegroup to conduct high-tempo operations in a pioneering simulated training environment.

Alex Ellis, British High Commissioner to India, said, “The UK and India are natural partners in defence and have increasing levels of interoperability, as shown by this highly complex and hands-on interaction between our militaries. The UK has made the Indo-Pacific ’tilt’ a permanent pillar of our international policy. The region is critical to our economy, our security, and to our interest in an open and stable international order.”

Brigadier Nick Sawyer, Defence Advisor, British High Commission, said, “Exercise Ajeya Warrior has been thoroughly testing the soldiers of both our nations, encompassing the uncertainty and complexity experienced in contemporary multi-domain operations.

Throughout the exercise, both armies have had an opportunity to showcase their capabilities and emerging military technologies, as part of their respective drives toward modernisation. There is no doubt we will have learned from each other, yet again.”

Ajeya Warrior left both countries with an increased understanding of each other’s military capabilities and tactics, which is vital for a stronger UK-India strategic partnership, he added.