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In first meeting, exhibitors pour out their woes to panel on movie tickets

VIJAYAWADA: The committee constituted by the state government to finalise movie ticket rates convened its maiden meeting with Cinematography Minister Perni Venkataramaiah at the Interim Government Complex, Velagapudi, on Tuesday.

The committee members discussed the ticket rates in B and C centres, facilities and implementation of fire safety measures in theatres. Exhibitors, who participated in the meeting, stated that it was very difficult to manage theaters with reduced ticket rates and appealed to the government to increase ticket prices, especially at B and C centres.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce vice-president M Ramadasu said that the government has every right to take action against erring theatres.

“The ticket rates in B and C centres are very low and it is not viable for the exhibitors and distributors, who are already facing the brunt of the pandemic, to run their business. At present, the ticket rates for admission into the last class is Rs 10 in municipalities and panchayats, which is vey low and it will cause a huge loss for the exhibitors. Around 200 theatres were closed in the state and they will be reopened only if the ticket rates are enhanced to Rs 40 and highest class to Rs 100,” Ramadasu said.

The exhibitors need to pay the power bills which are the same for all the A, B and C centres, besides maintaining the theatres. Principal Secretary-Home Vishwajeet responded in a positive manner and assured of taking the matter to the notice of the government he said.

In the Rayalaseema region, a majority of the theatres were closed despite having all the required licenses. Their only demand is the enhancement of ticket rates. Meanwhile, Audience Committee member Lakshmi urged the government to fix the movie ticket rates as per GO 35.