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Hyderabad: Golconda Police held 4 people in fake currency case

Hyderabad: Golconda Police nabbed four persons who were allegedly involved in cheating with duplicate currency.

According to the police, Mohd. Sohail received a call from Sameena alias Ruhi to collect the money Rs 15 Lakhs which was given for purchasing a property on November 8. Therefore, he met Ruhi and her accomplice.

Sameena gave Sohail a polythene cover in which he found Rs 2,000 and 500 notes bundles, the police informed.

All the bundles were covered with a xerox copy of the original money and the remaining currency was printed as Children bank of India, the police added.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Ruhi has taken loans from several others and cheated on them as well.

The accused, Sameena, took loans of approximately Rs 2 crores from several persons since 2019.
The other accused along with Ruhi was identified as D Dhanawanth Raj, G Sudarshan and AS Kishore who were arrested on November 11 and were produced for judicial remand.