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Hyderabad faces fuel, diesel shortage

Hyderabad: Fuel outlets across the State are witnessing a shortage of diesel with around 30 per cent less stock compared to the regular quantity they have in store.

Generally, the stock available in the State can meet the fuel demand for 10 to 15 days but presently, diesel will be sufficient only for the coming three to four days, members of the Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association (TPDA) said.

“There is a shortage of diesel and we are preparing a plan to deal with the situation. The Centre should take a call and address the issue,” TPDA president M Amarender Reddy said.

All India Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers joint secretary Rajiv Amaram echoed his views and said there was a need to take immediate measures to meet the fuel requirement of the State in the coming days. The shortage was due to the increase in bulk supply rates of diesel which had been increased by around Rs 22 per litre as part of the price fluctuation on a regular basis.

The oil companies increased the bulk supply rate as the price per barrel increased due to multiple international and national market conditions, the dealers said. In addition to this, the oil companies that used to supply fuel at a cheaper cost to bulk buyers including industries and the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation etc., have rolled back the discount offered apart from increasing the price.

All these factors have resulted in bulk buyers depending on dealers instead of procuring diesel from oil companies and as a result, the State was facing a shortage of diesel. Another factor that resulted in the shortage was that oil companies were asking for advance payment from dealers.

Earlier the payment was done on the day the stock was delivered and credit was also given to some dealers. But now oil companies were asking for payment three to four days before delivery, leading to some dealers being unable to procure the diesel.