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Hyderabad citizens help find plasma donors

Hyderabad: With the rise in number of Covid cases, the demand for plasma donors have also been increasing by the day and people have been desperately using various platforms to get in touch with donors. Keeping in mind the grim situation, many organisations and individuals are organising plasma donation camps to help people in need. Naveen Majety, who is a member of one such organisation called Cure Banks, has been helping people in need to get plasma donors.

“We started this initiative last year when most people were not aware of plasma donation. I get as many as 35 calls per day for donors and we try to get in touch with donors to check who is ready to donate plasma. But, the process is time consuming as sometimes the donors are not ready, other times their medical report do not meet the requirement,” he said.

Sirish Javvaji, who is also a member of the same group said, “I had tested positive and after I recovered, I became a donor. I donated plasma twice, which gave me immense satisfaction. I am ready to donate plasma even today to help people in need.”

Kaushik Kathuri, another member of the group said, “I was infected with Coronavirus on April 4, 2021 and tested negative on April 14. Within a week, I will be ready to donate plasma. I have been receiving over 200 calls from people, who are in need of plasma on daily basis, but not many are coming forward to donate plasma. It’s important to make people aware about the importance of plasma donation.”

People can also get in touch with us on 89850-00009 for plasma requirement, he said and added that the government was also trying to help by contacting and arranging plasma donors. People must also try and help each other during these tough times, he emphasised.