Hyderabad: 2 Ambulances stuck in traffic after cops halt vehicles for protocol

Hyderabad: The traffic police on Saturday noon halted the vehicular traffic at Masab Tank for un-interrupted passing of Telangana DGP’s convoy.

This protocol by the traffic police resulted in two Ambulances being stuck in heavy traffic.

Although Ambulances kept blowing the sirens for emergency way, but the traffic police reportedly did not pave away for them despite request.As a result the medical staff present in the ambulance got down and regulated the traffic to pave way.

The alleged negligent attitude of the traffic police created anguish among the public.

Meanwhile, the Home Minister Mahmood Ali was outraged by negligence of the traffic police present at Masab Tank.

In a comment, Additional Commissioner of Police Traffic denied the news circulating on social media. He said it is reiterated that Hyderabad Traffic Police always gives top priority to ambulances and other emergency vehicles.