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High praise for Telangana from Foxconn chairman at T-Works launch

Hyderabad: Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) chairman Young Liu in the presence of Telangana IT minister KT Rama Rao, inaugurated T-Works, which is India’s largest prototyping centre on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, the Foxconn chairman said that he was very impressed by the speed of things in Telangana. “I think it’s very likely that with Telangana, within four years we will double the revenue of Foxconn, it will be possible with the speed of Telangana,” he added.

KTR said that with the partnership of Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), Hyderabad can be made into the ‘Shenzhen’ of India.

Shenzhen, a city in southern China, is one of the world’s billionaire capitals. Several of China’s wealthiest people live in the city, many of whom built massive tech enterprises.

KTR further said that Taiwan as a country ‘amazes’ him. “A small country of 23 million people but almost a 750 billion GDP,” he added.

The minister had announced that Foxconn is going to ‘mega’ invest in the state which will lead to the creation of one lakh jobs.

“Foxconn is a company with a 205 billion dollar turnover and is in the top 20 in Fortune 500 companies list. Creating a million jobs, kudos to the team of Foxconn for making this magic happen. What you have done in Shenzhen and in China, let’s do that in Hyderabad and make Hyderabad the Shenzhen of India,” said the minister.

KTR went on to say that India and Taiwan together can synthesize beautfiul things for the world. “IT is not Information Technology, IT, in my mind is India and Taiwan. India is the powerhouse of software, and Taiwan is doing wonders in hardware,” he said.

The IT minister said that T-works was the idea of Sujai Karampuri, the CEO of T-works, and said that “Sujai has made it happen with the support of principal secretary Jayesh, my team, and the T-works team. My compliments to the entire family of T-works, they have done a truly terrific job”.

The 78000 sq. ft. prototyping centre, located at Raidurg IT corridor, is said to have cutting-edge facilities and equipment to support innovation and prototyping.

The new prototyping facility is set to encourage design thinking in the hardware field. The facility houses machinery and capabilities to carry out metalworking, woodworking, 3D printing, electronics test and assembly, environmental testing, laser cutting and engraving, and ceramics.

“We are organising T-works, T-hub, and Image Tower in a facility that sprawls about 18 acres in the Raidurg IT corridor” said KTR on Wednesday talking about T-works.

He said that more than Rs 110 crores were used to organise 200 state-of-the-art machinery in the newly inaugurated facility.