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Guntur sees 83 per cent drop in maternal deaths in 8 years

Guntur : With the collective efforts of the health department, maternal deaths have significantly decreased in the Guntur district. According to the reports reaching here, maternal deaths have decreased to 11 in 2022-23 from as many as 66 in 2014-15.

Guntur District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO) Sravan Babu opined that appointment of gynaecologists, and the availability of the latest equipment and radiologists in primary health centres have helped in improving the medical services to pregnant women and reducing maternal mortality rate.

Pregnant women in rural pockets, who are unable to afford regular checkups, are availing of free medical services and facilities. In addition to this, measures taken up to prevent child marriages and create awareness of women’s education have also contributed to the decline in maternal deaths.

Meanwhile, pregnant women of not just Guntur district, but also neighbouring districts are preferring Guntur Government General Hospital (GGH) for its world-class amenities. Even the high-risk patients of Telangana are being recommended to get admitted to Guntur GGH.

As many as seven units are present in the Gynaecology department in the hospital and a professor, one associate professor, four to six assistant professors, and PG students are also available around the clock in every unit. According to officials, over 250 pregnant women visit the OP department for treatment and checkups. As many as 8,423 deliveries were conducted at the hospital in 2022, including 4,260 normal deliveries and 4,163 emergency cesarean deliveries.

As the number of patients visiting GGH has been increasing, and the beds existing at the mother and child care ward are not sufficient for the patients, a building in a span of 2.69 lakh square feet of land on the premises of Guntur GGH with as many as 597 beds is being constructed.

“Soon after the completion of construction, better health care could be provided to pregnant women and children,” said hospital superintendent Neelam Prabhavathi. GMCANA has contributed a total budget of Rs 80 crore for the construction of this unit.