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Guntur police aim to achieve ‘zero-crime’ localities

GUNTUR: The Guntur Urban Police have taken an initiative to adopt some areas in the urban district, in a bid to make them crime-free. Urban SP Arif Hafeez said that in the last few weeks, he has been visiting some randomly selected areas in the city, where he was interacting with the local people to identify the issues at ground level. Many people complained to him about various issues including some miscreants causing public nuisance, lack of CCTV cameras, etc.

“So, we decided to solve these issues with personal involvement. As a pilot project, the urban police will adopt Venkatadripeta under New Guntur police station limits. We will pay special attention to solve the civic and social issues in that area. Residential committees will be formed and a Whatsapp group will be set up including all the residents so that people can have direct contact with higher officials. Depending on the result of this initiative, necessary action will be taken to extend this,” Hafeez said.

An area under each police station in the city will be adopted by the Guntur Urban Police in the near future to make them zero crime localities. At the same time, far away places in the city will also be paid special attention, and required action will be taken to prevent crimes in those areas, he added. He further urged people to cooperate with the police for the success of this initiative and make use of this to solve issues in their locality.