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Fuel prices hiked for 4th day in a row; check prices in metro cities

New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices were raised for the fourth day in a row on Friday as state-owned fuel retailers resumed daily rate revision after 18 days long hiatus.

Petrol price was increased by 28 paise per litre and diesel by 31 paise a litre, according to a price notification of state-owned fuel retailers. Petrol in the national capital now costs Rs 91.27 a litre and diesel comes for Rs 81.73 per litre.

Rates have been increased across the country and vary from state to state depending on the local incidence of taxation (VAT).

Here is looking at the price difference of diesel and petrol in four metro cities on May 07, 2021.

City Petrol Diesel
Delhi 90.99 81.42
Mumbai 97.61 88.82
Chennai 93.15 86.65
Kolkata 91.41 84.57

Central government makes up for Rs 32.98 per litre of the price of petrol in Delhi and sales tax or VAT of the state government constitutes Rs 19.55.
For diesel, the central excise adds up to Rs 31.83 and VAT to Rs 10.99. Besides, the price also includes a dealer commission of a minimum Rs 2.6 per litre on petrol and Rs 2 on diesel.

Petrol and diesel prices are revised on a daily basis in line with benchmark international price and foreign exchange rates.

The second wave of coronavirus sweeping the nation has pummelled fuel sales in April as local restrictions clamped to curb the spread of inflection stifled demand, preliminary data showed.

“At the end of April, overall fuel demand is down by about 7 per cent from pre-Covid level of April 2019,” Arun Singh, Director for Marketing and Refineries at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL), said.