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Fact check: Truth behind fake viral news graphic that says lockdown in India from May 3-20

New Delhi: Since coronavirus cases are rising exponentially, speculations are rife that the Narendra Modi-led NDA government may again impose a nationwide lockdown to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission.

The rumours have gained strength after lockdown-like restrictions return in several states and Union Territories including Maharashtra and Delhi.

By creating a fake news graphic of a private news channel, some people are claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to once again impose a complete lockdown in the country from May 3 to May 20.

Assuming this as true, some people have fallen for it and the fake news graphic is being widely circulated on social media. During the investigation, it turned out that this post is completely fake. No such announcement has been made by the news channel in question.

S Rajput, a Facebook user, has posted a fake graphic of the news channel, using the picture of PM Modi, on April 25 in which he claimed that from May 3 to May 20, there will be a complete lockdown in the country.However, the news channel has categorically stated that it did not broadcast any such news about the lockdown and the post is completely fake.

It may be recalled that PM Narendra Modi has already made it clear that the country needs to be protected from th deadly Coronavirus but lockdown should be the last option.

On 20 April 2021, PM Modi said, “In today’s situation, the country needs to be saved from lockdown.”The PM also requested the state government to use “lockdown” as the last option only.