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Faced discrimination as Dalit, was asked not to study: Ex-IAS officer Madhava Rao

VIJAYAWADA: Former Chief Secretary of undivided Andhra Pradesh Madhava Rao said he mentioned several experiences of his life in his autobiography ‘Sankellanu Tenchukuntu’ meaning Breaking Barriers, which was released by noted Physician G Samaram in a meeting presided over by Dr PV Ramesh on Tuesday at Tummalapalli Kshetrayya Kalakshetram.

The first copy was given to Vemula Radhika, mother of the late Vemula Rohit.

Madhava Rao said “So many higher officials as well as former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao, and Chief Ministers NTR, Chandrababu Naidu, Janardhan Reddy and Kotla Vijayawada Bhaskar Reddy encouraged and suggested me to be honest during my service. I faced discrimination as a Dalit during my childhood.

My father used to beat me and my mother stopped me from studying. I endured many such things and still studied.”

He recalled how he was insulted by the then CS for applying for his first leave as a collector. “I was transferred to New Delhi. Such issues were not revealed in the autobiography” he said. The former chief secretary credited his development as an IAS officer to his parents and his seniors.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest Dr G Samaram said, “A the author of the book, Madhava Rao has highlighted the several discriminations in the society, that some people are still facing becasue of their caste and religion.”

He also recalled that Dr BR Ambedkar faced discrimination since childhood.