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Encounter rapists in Moinabad, Hathras gangrape demans NDSP

New Delhi: Convener of National Democratic & Secular Party (NDSP) MA Mujeeb and its sister concerned president of All India OBC Federation, Yeshpal Yadav have strongly condemned the brutal Hathras gangrape and demanded justice for minor Muslim girl raped and killed by TRS leader in Moinabad in Telangana and 19-year-old victim who died consequent to gang rape on Tuesday at a Delhi hospital.

The minor girl in Telangana raped and killed by TRS leader Yadav, while the woman in UP was gangraped and brutally assaulted on September 14 in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, following which she was admitted to the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital in Aligarh. She was referred to Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital on Monday after her condition showed no signs of improvement. The victim succumbed to her injuries today.

Mujeeb said such incidents had left the nation with shame and angry and frustrated and called for the encounter of the rapists.

Such brutality in Moinabad in Telangana by TRS leader Bathuku Madhusudan alias Madhu Yadav, rapists in Hathras gangrape. When will this stop? Our laws and their enforcement must be so strict that the mere thought of punishment makes rapists shudder with fear! Hang the culprits. Raise your voice to safeguard daughters and sisters. It’s the least we can do,” Mujeeb told IWP.

NDSP killing of culprits by their encounter added shoot these rapists publicly, what is the solution to these gang rapes that are growing in numbers every year. What a sad and shameful day for this country. Shame on us we failed our daughters, Mujeeb angered.

A heartbreak emoji and said, “Sad, sad day. How much longer can this be allowed to go on, AIOBC President Yeshpal Yadav asked.

The culprits of this brutalities & horrific crimes should be hanged in public or encountered Yeshpal Yadav added.

According to the Hathras SP, the four accused have been arrested will now also face charges under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC.

People across the nation have condemned these shameful acts by politicians and are demanding justice for the victim and her family.