Election Commission is working like fence eating the crop 

The nation questions the one-way traffic style of the Election Commission of India (ECI). It is clear that working for the RSS and BJP from behind the curtains. Why did it suspend an honest and faithful state servant and the General Observer for allegedly checking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s helicopter in Odisha’s Sambalpur on Tuesday? The EC has utterly failed to uphold the propriety of the nation’s mandate. Modi had visited Odisha on Tuesday where he addressed two election rallies in Sambalpur and Bhubaneswar.

ECI’s order to the effect that nobody excluding Special Protection Group has the mandate to check  PM’s aircraft, but the CECI has ignored that the PM is also in the fray and his previous records of manipulating the election by abusing the national exigencies are on the face of the record. ECI’s making a questionable order that election observers are not authorised to check PM’s aircraft is unjust and condemnable. The officer has acted in accordance with national exigencies, while the ECI by doing so, acted as the agent  of the ruling BJP

There have been instances where during polls the EC was allowed to check convoys of both current and former Congress Presidents, Chief Ministers. The Special Protection Group (SPG) protectees can’t be frisked personally.

Why has it suspended an honest and sincere officer, who belongs to a particular community which the community is disliked by the incessant anti-nation consprarting BJP for later’s survival? What is wrong in his checking PM’s chopper? What message is being sent to the nation? Is law special for some? Are the series of questions being raised across the nation.

The question is simple. If SPG protectees of the Congress party can be subjected to inspection, why is the same not apply to the BJP, the insane ECI should have applied its judicious mind before passing the suspension order?

The EC on Wednesday suspended General Observer Mohammed Mohsin for allegedly checking Modi’s helicopter in Odisha’s Sambalpur on Tuesday. The poll panel has misled the nation that Mohsin had acted contrary to the instructions of the EC concerning the SPG protectees, which is being reviewed by the nation. It is clear that PM has polluted the EC like RAW, SB, CBI, ED, Income Tax, etc., the crucial arms of the State.

A Karnataka cadre officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Mohsin was deputed as a General Observer working under the supervision of the poll panel in Odisha. Instead, Mohsin needs to be appreciated and honoured by one and all for doing his electioneering duty, impartially.