Andhra Pradesh

Disha App will protect women like a brother: Andhra CM Jagan Mohan Reddy

VIJAYAWADA: Reiterating that his government is committed to the safety and security of women in the State, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said it had come up with several initiatives, including the Disha Act, Disha police stations and Disha Mobile application. Participating in the Disha App mass awareness programme organised at Gollapudi in the city on Tuesday, he exhorted women and girls to download the Disha mobile application on their phones without fail as it contains an emergency life saving security feature.

Interacting with village volunteers and policewomen at the programme, he asked them to go door-to-door and help women download the app on their mobiles by explaining its benefits. “The heinous crime that happened near the Prakasam Barrage a few days ago, has hurt me deeply. The incident has brought to light once again the vulnerability of women when they venture out irrespective of the time. Hence, every woman should download the Disha App on their mobile phones, which ensures their safety and security. It will be like a brother protecting you all the time,” he explained.

Pointing out that the mobile application developed by the Andhra Pradesh government has won four national awards, Jagan said till date 17 lakh women have downloaded the app and wanted a minimum of one crore people to download it. He urged volunteers and police in the State to promote the Disha App in a campaign mode. “While waiting for the Centre’s approval for the Disha Act after its enactment, we have established 18 Disha police stations, appointed special prosecutors to deal with cases booked under the Act” he said.

“The government is also discussing with the Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh to set up special courts for fast tracking cases under the Disha Act,” he said. Explaining how the Disha App works, he said 900 twowheelers were provided to Disha police for patrol and more vehicles will be provided to them in the coming days. Disha Special Officer M Deepika Patil demonstrated how to download the Disha App on smartphones. One has to go to Google play store or Apple app store and select the Disha App. While installing the app, the mobile number has to be entered, to which a six digit OTP will be sent and entering the same will activate the app.

The user has to enter her mobile number, address, alternative and emergency contact number. “Pressing its SOS button will alert the police station, besides sending a 10 second audio-video to the Disha control room, which in turn will alert the nearest police station, which will alert the mobile team to rush to the location from where the distress call is made. Simultaneously, the caller will be contacted to know her situation and if there is no response, it is assumed that it is an emergency case. In case the caller says she pressed the button by mistake, no action will be initiated,” she elaborated. If the user does not have enough time to open the app, she can send a distress alert by just shaking the phone.

Further, the app also has a ‘track my travel’ feature and selecting the same will not only guide the user in the correct route, but also enable police to track her. “Police will start tracking the location only after the option is selected and no personal details are collected. Further, the app also alerts the user about vulnerable locations en route,” the Chief Minister explained.

Later, Jagan witnessed a live demonstration of the mobile app. Bhavanipuram Sub-Inspector rushed to the venue on receiving an alert on her tracking device from the Command Control Room, which received a distress call from a user as part of the demonstration. The SI is equipped with a body worn camera, which records the situation at the spot. If a crime takes place before the arrival of police at the spot, the footage recorded by the camera can be used as evidence. Deputy Chief Minister Pushpa Srivani, Home Minister M Sucharitha, DGP Gautam Sawang, MLAs and others were present.