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Dilapidated condition: GHMC bars entry to Govt Jr College Chanchalguda

Hyderabad: Just before the Intermediate colleges are all set to re-open on July 18 for the academic year 2022-2023, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) gave a big shock to those students who have taken admission into the college.

Citing the dilapidated condition of the building structure, the municipal body has affixed a notice at the entrance of the Government Junior college in Chanchalguda banning entry into the college premises.

Amid torrential rains across the state and in Hyderabad too, the Municipal administration department has identified the Chanchalguda junior college as one of the dilapidated structures.

“Since the roof of the college is in bad shape and the structure has become weak, the GHMC has planned to demolish the same,” said one official of GHMC.

The GHMC notice to Government Junior college Chanchalguda.

Since the news of the sudden closure of Government junior college spread on social media, action by the GHMC has landed the students in a state of worry as alternate college building is yet to be identified.

The building also houses the Government high school.

Though GHMC has affixed the notice, the officials of the education department are still unaware of the action by the Municipal authorities.

There is a huge number of students who study Telugu, Urdu and English medium study in the government school in the first shift in the morning and junior college is also being run from the same premises.