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Delhi Police resumes breathalyser tests for drunk-driving after a year, prosecute 90 violators on weekend

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Saturday and Sunday prosecuted over 90 people for drunk-driving after restarting breathalyser tests a year after stopping the practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While talking to reports, Muktesh Chander, the Special Commissioner of Police, said, “We had to stop testing people for alcohol levels when Covid broke out because this required being in close contact with the driver. Now since Covid cases have reduced and people are out to enjoy, it is important to keep a check.”

“We will use disposal pipes for breathalyzers with a new one being used every time,” added Chander.

A senior traffic police officer said that it was their duty to prevent people from driving in an intoxicated state since people had started their outings, parties and dining.

Another police officer added, “The crowd is back at the bars and pubs mainly because cases have gone down, so we thought of checking people for drunk-driving in the city. All Covid safety precautions are being taken. All officers at the checkpoints have been asked to keep an adequate number of breath analyser pipes, hand sanitisers and masks.”