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COVID-19 spread: Pay Rs 250 fine if you don’t wear mask in public place in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: The number of coronavirus cases are increasing at an alarming rate in the Ghaziabad district. Taking this situation into consideration, the police have started following strict guidelines for COVID-19. Those going against the guidelines will be fined and punished by the police department.

Rs. 250 fine has been declared for the people that are found without a mask in public. The fine is doubled if the same person is caught without a mask again. The police are strictly following the norms and challans are being issued to a large extent. People going against the guidelines and norm will be charged under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1987.

A fine of Rs. 100 is allotted to a person spitting in public, the fine will be doubled if the same person is charged for it again.

In the wake of a recent surge in coronavirus case, rapid response teams have been deployed to conduct a door-to-door survey to trace infected people in the district, according to an official here.

Wearing of a mask has been made essential and those violating the order will be penalised, Ghaziabad District Magistrate Ajay Shankar Pandey said, adding that a special drive will be carried out to administer coronavirus vaccine to those aged 45 or above.

The decisions have been taken in the wake of over 400 people testing positive for coronavirus since March 1.

According to Pandey, the rapid response teams will conduct a door-to-door survey to trace coronavirus patients.

People coming from the pandemic-hit states will be monitored and containment zones will be decided on the basis of the data gathered through the geographic information system (GIS), the DM said.