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Congress has failed to play role of main opposition party in the country: Former Meghalaya CM Mukul Sangma

Shillong: Former Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma said that they have taken a decision to march with the Trinamool Congress while addressing a press conference here on Thursday (November 25). Sangma said that “Congress has failed to play the role of the main opposition party in the country.”

In the media briefing, Mukul Sangma said, “A complete sense of commitment towards serving the people has brought us to take this decision. In the 2018 Assembly elections, we were confident of forming govt but we could not. Again, post-poll there were activities to poach our members.”

Former Meghalaya CM further said, “This group of 17 we have, collectively demonstrated our commitment. The commitment towards the state has superseded everything else. We are failing in our duty as far as the role of the opposition is concerned.”

He said “Today, I am of the opinion, the country must understand the prevailing scenario. To play the role of effective opposition. So we carried out an exhaustive study on whether as the oldest and grand old party – INC we can serve the state, I am sorry to say, it seemed elusive. We are failing to do our duty. We must conduct the role of opposition effectively.”

In a major setback for the Congress, the majority of party MLAs led by former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma decided to switch over to the Trinamool Congress.