‘Charge Sheet’ against PM Narendra Modi Govt, monitored by RSS

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao released a Charge Sheet against the governance of BJP led by Narendra Modi remotely controlled by RSS, The subjects of the nation who are the bosses in democracy, alleging Modi is damaging India’s reputation, lowering the image of the reputation of the country and during his official visit to Sri Lanka and forcing the Sri Lankan government to award a power project contract to “his businessman friend. Modi had actually acted as a salesman to further the interests of “his businessman friend”.

The Prime Minister to reply to the allegations levelled against his involvement in the issue, while addressing the public meeting at Parade Grounds in Hyderabad on Sunday, failing which people shall assume the allegations were true. He demanded Modi to tender apology for denigrating India’s reputation on international platforms.

Never did India had to hang its head with shame as no other Prime Minister has ‘damaged’ India’s reputation like Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime Minister of India and in the terms of the previous 14 Prime Minister, never has India’s image been affected this much.

The Rupee value has not fallen more in any other Prime Minister’s term. Pointing out that it was a dire necessity of the country to keep good relations with other nations. It is ridiculous on the part of Narendra Modi to endorse Trump by saying “Ab ki baar Trump sarkaar‘ during the US polls.

In fact it is clear that Narendra Modi is indulging himself as not democratically elected Prime Minister but as the the King in his personal kingdom. Ity is unfortunate that there ius no inner democracy within BJP to mend democratic ways that India is considered as second largest democracy.

Nation wants to know that what was the BJP or its mentot RSS or Narendra Modi as a citizen of India and PM of India whose motive was behind his saying such an irresponsible statement. Did he think this was the Ahmedabad municipal elections?

As the Prime Minister was scheduled to attend the BJP national executive meeting and as the Prime Minister who is known for, “all talk and no action”, would speak against KCR’s charge sheet at the public meeting scheduled today evening.

It was fair enough for anyone to speak anything in democracy, the nation demands that the Prime Minister answer the people’s questions at the same length as BJP levels allegations against the TRS rule. However, the nation doubts whether there would be any response from the Prime Minister who is expert in mouthing “sweet words” during elections and “blatant lies” after the elections.

The BJP government’s policies on various issues including the Centre’s coal policy, on coal, was being imported at a steep price of Rs 30,000 while Indian coal was cheaper by five-six times. What is the truth ?

Though India has coal reserves to meet it’s needs for next 100 years, the States were being forced to purchase the imported coal, for the benefit of the Prime Minister’s industrialist friend. It displays that the Prime Minister has become a salesperson of his already made world rich persons at the cost of Indian bad economy.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been accused of failing the country during the Covid pandemic. Though it was the biggest calamity since Independence, Modi failed to handle it. Lakhs of people died unnecessarily. Lakhs and crores of people had to walk on the roads. The Centre declined to give trains for free and the PM Modi has passed onus on to the States.

Modi swears by river Ganga but instead of people immersing the ashes, bodies of Covid victims were pushed into rivers. Modi should demonstrate as a responsible citizen while holding the crucial PM’s office of the nation.

The country had fared badly on all indexes at the international level due to the Prime Minister’s lopsided policies. The Modi government had failed on all fronts as even the national capital of New Delhi was facing a water crisis.

The nation is watching and demanding answers. The political change will happen on a day of rejection by the misguided subjects on any hustins. If there is still democracy in this country, the nation asks the Prime Minister to reply to all the allegations in his speech at Parade Ground on Sunday evening.

Due to bad economic policies of the country, many multi-national companies have shutdown their operations and withdrew their investments from India. It is unfortunate that several economic offenders have fled the country under the nose of the Prime Minister, resulting in huge economic scams during the Modi regime. Unfortunately all most all economic offenders except one Malliya from Karnataka are from his native State Gujarat.