Educational Telangana

BTech annual fees to be Rs 75k, Sri Krishna committee decides

Hyderabad: The justice Srikrishna Committee has fixed the minimum annual fee for BTech courses and sought advice from the Admission and Fee Regulation Committee (AFRC).

Six years ago the Sri Krishna Committee under the instructions from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) fixed the minimum fees for engineering, pharmacy, management and technical courses in keeping with the cities’ economic status.

The minimum fees have been once again fixed and sought the advice of AFRCs of all the states. In Telangana, the minimum BTech annual trees is Rs 35,000 and the maximum is Rs 1.34 lakh, while the maximum annual fee in Andhra Pradesh is Rs. 70000.

There are 158 private engineering colleges in Telangana and the number of those colleges which are collecting Rs. 35000 fees is 20 and the number of those collecting less than Rs 70000 as annual fee is 100.

There is likely to be a surge in annual fee in the wake of the Sri Krishna Committee recommended fees implementation. The colleges are mandated to provide basic facilities. In the case of their failure to do so the colleges could be closed down.