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BRS flays govt over failure to complete Veligonda project

Ongole: Bahujana Rasthra Samithi (BRS) national secretary Laxman Kumar called upon the graduates and teachers to give their party candidates a chance to question the State government and to coordinate with the Union government for the development of Andhra Pradesh.

The BRS leader participated in the campaign for the East Rayalaseema Graduates MLC candidate Sannareddy Dayakar Reddy and spoke to the media in Ongole on Saturday.

Laxman Kumar said that the public was observing how the YSRCP government is cheating by rebranding the Central government’s welfare schemes in the State, while they are dissatisfied with the functioning of the BJP government at the Centre.

He said that the youth, employees, farmers and other sections know how BJP was providing employment and livelihood to the youngsters, helping farmers to make extra income with various schemes, how the other nations are respecting India, the nation which is led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Laxman Kumar said that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who became the Chief Minister by walking hundreds of kilometres meeting people, fears to meet them now. He said as the promises made by Jagan to the farmers, teachers and youth turned out to be false, he was using barricades and police power to escape from meeting the people.

Laxman Kumar alleged that as the YSRCP leaders were sure that they won’t get the support from the public, they were using deceptive methods and false voters to win the elections.

The BRS leader demanded the YSRCP to not use power to win the election but to win the hearts of the voters by explaining what it did for them. He demanded a response from the government why they couldn’t complete Veligonda, Siddheswaram Alugu, Gundregula, Bhairavani Tippa and other projects during the last four years.

Laxman Kumar said that another MLC from the ruling party or an MLC from the opposition party makes no difference to the State. “If there is an MLC from BRS (Bahujana) in the council, he would question the State government on the delay of the Veligonda project, or why the land acquisition is not done for NIMZ.”