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Will brings Muslims into ambit of SC, ST (PoA) to arrest atrocities by RSS, AIMIM : BRS

New Delhi: All India Mohammedan Parishad (AIMP) National President who is also an ex officio National President of Bahujana Rashtra Samithi (BRS with BOAT symbol) sought for inclusion of Muslims into the provisions of SCs, and STs Prevention of Atrocities Act, the national President BRS MA Mujeeb advocated

It is time for the Muslims Intellectuals to decide whether the Muslims need an exclusive and a strong political platform for their exclusive Socio-Economic and Political empowerment on par with their counterparts OBCs, SCs, STs and other minorities deteriorating said Chief of BRS.

MA Mujeeb advised RSS Chief to restrain from promoting anti Muslims culture and polluting the Muslim Society by indulging into forced inter caste Muslim – Hindu Marriages., denying the Muslims heir Constitutional rights and targeting Muslims Society and forcing them for conversion into Hinduism by inducement and under duress.

BRS National President MA Mujeeb assured Muslim Society that “BRS (with its Boat Symbol)” will promote and look after the welfare of the Muslims on par with its counterparts and look after their safety on par with the SCs, STs by including Muslims into SCs STs and Muslims atrocities Act (by an amendment) on one hand and promote their economy.

MA Mujeeb pleaded for giving an opportunity to AIMP and its affiliated “Bahujana Rastra Samithi ” which aims to reform not only Indian Democracy but also empower Bahujans (OBCs, SCs STS and Minorities on par with their respective population and restrain uppere caste dominated other parties.

MA Mujeeb said that “Ghar Ka Chore ya Gaddar Kon Hai Pahechanana Zaroori Hai” identify who the Muslim religious party that is conspiring against Muslim Society to weaken Muslims from their national advancement on par with rest of the Indian Society, MA Mujeeb analyzed on deteriorating economic conditions of Muslims in India.

MA Mujeeb blamed Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owais and his political outfit All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) which is concerned with his family growth. Mujeeb said AIMIM is weakening Muslims economy, factual ignoring the welfare and empowerment across India ever since its inception from last 70 years, BRS Chief Mujeeb said.

He reiterated that the Muslim Intellectuals should educate to give a chance to BRS to promote Muslims, SCs, STs and OBCs empowerment in local, regional and national levels. BRS commitment for Bahujana Rule that will enable it repair the damages done by the BJP and RSS and protect Bahujans larger interests and promote communal harmony and dignified nation integration.

All India Mohammedan Parishad (AIMP) is an integral part of Bahujana Rashtra Samithi (BRS) which stands for Socio-Economic and political empowerment of SCss, STs, OBCs and Muslim and other minorities said national President of All India Mohammedan Parishad who is also BRS chief MA Mujeeb clarified BRS political stand