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BJP’s ‘Pasmanda’ Muslims outreach ‘farce’; wants ‘Muslim-mukt’ legislatures: AIMF, RJP

New Delhi: Rashtriya Jana Parishad (RJP) Chancellor (National Convener) MA Mujeeb who is also RJP’s one of the crucial constituents All India Muslim Federation (AIMF) today dubbed the BJP’s outreach to ‘Pasmanda’ Muslims a “farce” and alleged that the ruling party wants “Muslim-mukt” legislatures throughout the country.

He accused the BJP of indulging in “majority appeasement” and targeting minorities by allegedly getting false cases registered against them and demolishing their houses using bulldozers.

The founder of RJP also said it is the moral responsibility of Opposition parties, particularly the ones whom the minority community used to vote for, to get resolve Muslims’ issues but rued that in this era of “majoritarian politics”, the issues of Muslims have been isolated, Mujeeb advocate at High Court alleged.

“Political analysts have convinced all the secular parties that addressing and vehemently raising the minority issues is counterproductive for getting the votes of the majority community. That is why every political party is shying away from raising Muslims’ issues,” the chancellor told.

Mujeeb said the BJP has “created so much hatred” that attention of genuine and factual nationalists among Hindus get diverted from real and byrning issues.

“The policies of this government are of majority appeasement. They are policies aimed at appeasement of hatred. They talk about appeasement but in reality it is the BJP government that is indulging in appeasement of the majority,” the Chancellor of RJP who is also Chief Patron of All India OBCs Federation and All India Dalit Federation alleged.

The BJP keeps on harping on appeasement of Hindus and false promises but the real appeasement is showing in how fact checkers are put in jail and hate mongers are provided security, Founder of RJP said in an apparent reference to the case of Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair.

The BJP’s argument that Muslim appeasement took place in the past is demolished by the Sachar Committee report, Mujeeb said.

If there was appeasement of Muslims then this would not have been their condition now, he said.

“What is happening in Sri Lanka? There also majority appeasement was taking place. The same thing is happening here, we Indians need to wake up from our deeper slumber. The focus in Sri Lanka was not on economic issues, the focus was not on the agricultural sector,” Mujeeb said.

“There is a need to focus on economic issues, we are going down in every sphere. The government is focussing on polarisation because they think this is the best way to survive,” Mujeeb reminded ruluing BJP.

Asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suggestion that party workers should reach out to downtrodden sections among minorities such Pasmanda Muslims, Mujeeb recalled, “It is a farce. Had anybody stopped them from fielding Muslims in Uttar Pradesh and in other state’s polls?”

“The BJP said they want Congress-mukt Bharat but their real intention is Opposition-mukt Bharat, their real intention is Muslim-mukt legislatures, in states and in Parliament, and that is where they are moving forward and it is BJP that is killing democracy as BJP has already achieved “Muslim-mukt” BJP parliamentary party,” Mujeeb added.

Mujeeb further alleged that the BJP wants to “politically disenfranchise” Muslims and they are succeeding at the cost of making OBCs, SCs and STs Shudras in BJP proposed Hindu Rastra.

RJP’s remarks come in the wake of the BJP’s minority wing having prepared a blueprint to reach out to Pasmanda (Shia) Muslims, among the most backwards in the community.

Asked about the near “washout” of the first week of Parliament’s Monsoon Session, a senior journalist Mujeeb said the Opposition will also have to revisit its strategy on this and Trinamul Congress needs to lean many a lessons from alleged claim of leading opposition Mujeeb said.

“My take is that what I am observing from the last few sessions is that the important questions always come in the first week of the session. There was a disruption in the House on burning issues being faced by the public,” he said.

Mujeeb blamed Hyderabad MP and AIMIM president politically immature Assaddodin Owaisi for making Muslim Mukti Assemblies in BJP ruling States.

RJP National Convener reminded opposition to prepare its parliamentary warfare that the government wants the initial phase of a session washed out because the important questions on which the government can be cornered are in the first week. So the Opposition will also have to change its strategy, Mujeeb added.