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BJP lost several Assembly polls but formed Govts by purchasing MLAs, bribing voters: Mujeeb

Bengaluru : The BJP, after losing elections in different states, purchased the MLAs and formed the government undemocratically through the backdoor, Rashtriya Jana Parishad (RJP) Chancellor MA Mujeeb said here on Friday.

Talking to IWP correspondent here, he said that the BJP formed governments in Goa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and northeastern states after purchasing the MLAs after they failed to get the people’s mandate in the Assembly elections. Mujeeb added that the unaccounted public money has been grabbed by BJP by illegal means.

“They (BJP) now have only one tool to govern the country… this is the communal strategy, inciting hate against each other. After eight years of BJP rule, maximum numbers of people in India are suffering from hunger and in numerous other ways. The country has a maximum number of unemployed people now,” Mujeeb claimed.

Accusing the BJP government of waiving Rs 11 lakh crore rupees of bank loans of the millionaires and destroying the country’s economy with faulty policies, Mujeeb said that it is creating more and more well-off people at the cost of the poor people’s sufferings and deprivation.

Noting that the Election Commission has declared the Assembly election schedule in Himachal Pradesh, but not for Gujarat, he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi frequently visits Gujarat and “inaugurates old projects to deceive the people and to get electoral mileage. He would come to Tripura and other States next week and do the same thing here”.

The founder of RJP, expressed hope that the people would soon stop the BJP’s further move of spread of hate speech, division of people basing on their faith against the wishes of the masses.

Political pundits termed the footings of the RJP are beneficial to democracy and welfare of the people as very significant as the state of Tripura, Gujarat, Karnataka, and some local governments across the nation would go to their respective Assembly polls in next one year, he said.

Mujeeb attacked the BJP government for failing to keep its electoral promises and the growing lawlessness and urged the people to gear up for the upcoming Assembly elections and defeat it in order to bring back the factual democratic Government to power.

Mujeeb said that BJP is paying Rs. 10,000/- to 50,000/- to each voter and distributing liquor and other valuables by spoiling the democratic norms in Munugod bye election in Telangana State.