BJP has reduced Jammu and Kashmir people as Shudras under Manusmrithi

The Lieutenant Governor’s administration in Jammu and Kashmir is receiving a lot of public discontent, as the Jammu and Kashmir today stand at crossroads where people have been people reduced as Shudras under Manusmrithi . The subjects have neither any right nor any forum to project their grievances.

The entire game plan is the part of converting India a Hindu State and diving the people and society is composed of four kinds of communities, Firstly as Brahmins with absolute rights,- those who know the Vedas. Secondly the Kshatriyas those who govern the land,, Thirdly Vaishyas those who trade and Fourthly Shudra those who serve Brahmins, Kshatriya and Vaishyas as their bounded labour without any right to live or survive.

In furtherance to control Shudras in J&K the BJP is deliberately weaponizing the pain and sufferings of the Kashmiri Pandits to garner parallel support to their conspired cause and for its political objectives.

While the public anger is simmering, the LG administration is busy showcasing its phony achievements in order to justify what ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has done with Jammu and Kashmir.

The administration has only compounded the issues of the general masses with its “red tapism, inertia and public discontent”.

As a result of this, Jammu and Kashmir today stands at crossroads where citizens have neither any right nor a forum to project their grievances.

The BJP and its run administration were weaponising the pain and sufferings of the community to garner support for its political objectives, it ignores their issues and grievances.

It’s unfortunate that the community faced one of the worst times after migration during the last few years right under the rule of those who criminalised their sufferings and politicised their pain in furtherance of their own communal agenda.

The administration has miserably failed to instill a sense of security among the Kashmiri migrant community.

The issues of Kashmiri Pandits need a companionate and humanitarian approach. Instead, an arm-twisting approach is being adopted to muzzle their voice.

The deputation came employees are highlighting their grievances and the administration has selectively transferred some employees from Kashmir while others have been left at the mercy of god.

Most of the families are without ration for several months and the new relief cases are pending approval. The employees are protesting seeking transfer to safer places while the administration has withheld salaries of migrant employees in order to pressure them to return.

Corruption has touched new heights, while the competent and honest officers are pushed to walls to ensure that the dictates from party headquarters of BJP are followed without any query or justification.

Even the local governance institutions, which the LG administration is showcasing its one of the greatest achievements, have been made reductant.

Employees, unemployed youths, traders, industrialists, transporters, farmers and every section of the society is facing the brunt of political blunder committed by the ruling dispensation just to satisfy its political ego.

J &K people have to collectively fight back and struggle for the restoration of our identity and dignity. The Small Scale and Micro Industries are angry about the administration’s claims to bring industrial revolution in Jammu and Kashmir. But the reality is that most of the industries were either being closed or seized by the banks due to non-payment of dues.