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BDP President MA Mujeeb takes a dig at PM Modi over China

Hyderabad: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the repeal of farm laws, Bahujan Democratic Party (BDP) founder President MA Mujeeb took a dig at him on the Indo-China border issue.

In the past, Mujeeb lead Rashtriya Karshaka Parishad had participated in farmer’s agitation, attempted to aid the farmers’ protests in a small capacity.

After the PM announcement of repealing the laws, Mujeeb said that while the suffering of farmers has ended, BJP must do penance for not passing a resolution in NEC demanding from the PM to backdown.

Continuing his critique of the Modi government, Mujeeb also questioned the Prime Minister and asked if “Modi will admit that China has grabbed our territory” and if the Center plans on getting back every inch in China’s possession? It is necessary nto be answered by the RSS, Mujeeb questioned.

Mujeeb’s critique was in the context of the areas of contention which include Ladakh, Doklam Plateau and Arunachal Pradesh where India and China have been at loggerheads since the past few decades. Even recently, new satellite images accessed by NDTV, showed the construction of a second enclave by China in Arunachal Pradesh, Mujeeb thanked NDTV.

In the past, Prime Minister Modi granted a “clean chit” to China and said to the media that no one has entered into Indian territory. However, Mujeeb in June 2020 quoted media reports which said that Chinese military has re-entered the territory of Doklam and demanded that the Ministry of External Affairs clarify the validity of the same.

Why India has maintained silence, while RSS number of time that its members will owner Pakistan, why not the same concept is followed against China Mujeeb questioned RSS, which is the main culprit in demoralizing Indian soldiers.