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BJP TS Prez Bandi Sanjay goes mad in treating Owaisi as owner of Masjids, AIMF advises Bandi to get treated for his insanity

Hyderabad: Strongly objecting to BJP State President Bandi Sanjay’s treating AIMIM President and Hyderabad MP BJP associate Asaddoddin Owasi as caretaker of Mosques across India and Telangana his (Bandi) challenging later to contest in a mosque dig-up in the state of Telangana to ascertain if mosques in the state were built over the ruins of Hindu temples, Rashtriya Jana Parishad (RJP) Chancellor and All India Muslim Federation’s (AIMF) National President MA Mujeeb advised Bandi Sanjay to get his mental imbalance treated at Yerragadda Hospital, in Hyderabad.

Parts of India have been effected with BJP-RSS -VHP-Bajrang Dal-AIMIM- AIDS virus since 2014. It is necessary to purify India. It is possible only when all the BJP-RSS -VHP-Bajrang Dal male got operated by Sunni (getting cut skin around their pennies) that will ensure their raising inconsistent controversies like temples-masjid rows, Mujeeb added.

Mujeeb, a High Court advocate also Chief Patron of Al India OBC Federation said while the world is moving towards scientific developments but India in BJP and Modi’s regime is getting back to 600 AD and promoting Hindu-Muslim hate weakening India and her economy and development, Mujeeb added.

Mujeeb advised RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and AIMIM Chief Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi to restrain from destroying national unity, integration and communal harmony on irrelevant issues like what to eat, what to wear, where to pray etc., and promoting politics of religion.

It may be recalled that BJP TS President Bandi Sanjay has challenged an irrelevant person Owaisi “If we find Shiva underneath, it is ours and if ‘Shevas’ (dead bodies) are found, it is yours.” In reply Mujeeb said that Bandi lost control on himself as he is challenging a non entity of any masjid management i.e Assaddudin Owaisi.

Mujeeb recalled the history speaks that present Hindu temples were build on the ruins of Jain and Buddhist temples after the down-fall of “Jain Empires of Chandragupta Maurya” and “Budddist Empires of Ashoka the great” respectively. Is RSS or BJP ready to demolish Hindu Temples to find facts of existence of Jain or Buddist temples existed in their places, Mujeeb questioned Bandi Sanjay and his principal boss Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Mujeeb reminded Bandi that in the case of demotion of Babri Masjid too, there was not a whisper about existence of any Hindu Temple’s architecture, but proceedings of the Babri Masjid-Ram Janma Bhoomi legal fight were fabricated, Mujeeb said. Mujeeb added. “What was need for BJP to accommodate then CJI who presided over the Supreme Court Bench dealt with compromising proceedings of Babbri Masjid-Ram Janma Bhoomi conflict, as the Member of Rajya Sabha ( Upper House of Parliament)”, Mujeeb questioned.

Mujeeb challenged Bandi to clarify whether his BJP or RSS are planning to revert OBCs, SCs, STs to the then social status of Shudras (4th category citizenship) as existed before 800 AD prior to invasion of India by Muslins rulers, Bandi being a BC himself can not cheat OBCs, SCs, STs for his individual gains.

Mujeeb, history student, asked Bandi Sanjay that during Muslims regime, moolavasy OBCs, SCs, STs were given full citizens honour on par with Muslims, Brahmins, Vaisyas and Kethriyas. Mujeeb further asked Bandi to update his knowledge that it was Brahmins who invited Mohammed Gazanavi to invade India and shared the booty looted by Mohammed Gazanavi..

It may be recalled that while addressing the Hindu Ekta Yatra in Karimnagar, Bandi also promised to ban madrasas and end reservations for minorities in the state once the BJP comes to power. “We will ban Urdu permanently. Madrasas are centers for any bomb blast across the country. They are training centers for terrorist activities,” Bandi had said.

In reply, Mujeeb said unlike RSS giving training to VHP, Hindu Sena, Ram Sena etc.,rank and files to make them as Hindu terrorists by using ammunitions and making bombs to fight against India and make her into Hindu State under Manusmrithy constitution.

Mujeeb clarified that madrasas are temples of learning, promoting humanity and to protect once mother land “Watan” at the peril of their lives by becoming martyrs when Watan needs their sacrifices accordingly millions of Muslims laid their lives along with rest of India for her freedom” Mujeeb said. Mujeeb challenged Bandi and his 600 AD existing BJP minds to whether there is a single RSS member or BJP stalwart who fought for India’s freedom, Bandi can share any platform with an ordinary member of All India Muslim Federation (AIMF) or true Sanathani on factual nationalism.

Bandi claimed that “Some finding at ‘Shivling’ at Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi was made after a court-ordered video survey was conducted”. The Supreme Court found Senior Civil Judge Court erred in its modus operandi, transferred the case to Varanasi district court on the Gyanvapi mosque-Kashi Viswanath temple complex dispute on May 26. Being a parliamentarian Bandi, is conducting out of court trail simultaneously and committing contempt of Court and there is no respect to law by BJP rank and file, Mujeeb added.

Sanjay also said that a new film titled ‘The Razakar Files’ inspired by Vivek Agnihotri’s movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ will be made to depict the brutal atrocities committed by Razakars on the people of Telangana during the Nizam’s tyrannical rule. “It will serve as an ‘eye opener’ for the ‘pseudo secularists who indulge in minority appeasement politics,” Sanjay remarked.

Replying to the point Mujeeb challenged “Mad people like Bandi, Vivek Agnihotri dream to make Telangana another Kashmir”, Mujeeb asked Bandi and Vivek to visit Kashmir to know whether Kashmiri pandits are safe there and feeling to stay in Kashmir valley. Due to BJP and Vivek Agnihotri making Kashmir Pandits their scape goats for BJP’s political gains, “Kashmir Files” added fuel to fire and made Kashmir Pandits’ lives horrible to live in Kashmir”, Mujeeb reminded Bandi.

While Bandi said “My objective is to bring ‘Rama Rajyam’ to Telangana and put an end to forceful religious conversions and the threat of Love Jihad”. Replying, Mujeeb asked Bandi and his like minded BJP and RSS leaders to read and understand Ramayana properly to forecast the alleged Ram Rajyam in Telangana. Mujeeb said Ram Rajyam is far from BJP and RSS dirty dreams . BJP is using Lord Rama as tool to stay in power without BJP’s factual performance in governance of the States and India.

BJP is hiring OBC and Dalit innocent people at a rate of Rs. 5000 per day and asking them to wear saffron Colours, Mujeeb added. While Bandi claims that the yatra attracted huge crowds wearing saffron colors and was attended by numerous Hindu pontiffs and spiritual luminaries, among others, which the claim Mujeeb rejected Bandi’s claim as stage managed

However, the police made extensive security arrangements in the town for the stage managed Bandi’s yatra to be conducted without any hiccups.

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