Ban Hindutva Terrorist groups

If the equality before the Law exists, seeking a ban on Hindutva organisations terrorizing Indian Society is the need of the hour. It is the legal right of any effected individual or the organisation including ittehad-e-Millat Council demand is timely.

The ‘Tiranga Yatra’ from Bareilly to Delhi on Wednesday to hand over a memorandum to President Droupadi Murmu seeking a ban on Hindutva organisations is within the constitutional rights of the victims suffering out of the Hindutva terrorizing groups.

The government, which files a case of treason against those who demand a separate Khalistan, should also do the same with those who seek a “Hindu Rashtra”. In fact the hatred against Muslims was rising and mosques and madrassas being targeted to fulfil Hindutva agenda.

The Utter Pradesh is following two State policy one for Hindutva’s Manusmrithi Constitution being promoted, rather the State sponsored terrorism against the Muslim Society, another for the Constitution of India. Moradabad police booked him for his allegedly making provocative remarks on Sunday under Hindutva’s Manusmrithi Constitution.

The Utter Pradesh State is abusing its immunity of the State sponsored Hindutva terrorism by the groups affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak. A large number of police personnel have been deployed around the Hazrat Dargah complex, where Raza lives, and the residence of the detained officials.

It is unfortunate on the part of responsible democratic State for not allowing “Tiranga Yatra”wherein, her seniors officials are crushing it, by monitoring the situation around Raza’s residence since the morning.

“If there’s any health-related issues with the detained persons, proper medical care will be provided to them under the supervision of qualified people it gives reasons to believe that the Police is using force against detunes. The State instead of banning terrorism promoting Hindutva organisation is encouraging the terror groups to promote terror against Muslims in BJP ruling Utter Pradesh.

In fact Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath against whom a dozens of criminal cases are pending in Utter Pradesh is behaving like a criminal. It is time for the President of India to dismiss BJP’s Utter Pradesh Government for following two State policy.