Audible launches their latest Original Audio series ‘Desi Down Under’

Hyderabad: Well-known audio storytelling platform Audible announced the release of their Audible Original podcast series ‘Desi Down Under’. The cast of the romance/adventure podcast series includes fan-favourite creator Prajakta Koli, the incredibly talented Adarsh Gourav and the amazing singer and actor Taaruk Raina.

Set on the shores of Sydney, ‘Desi Down Under’ is a coming-of-age story that follows 3 hopeful 20-somethings from Mangaluru who cross the ocean to learn surf-lifesaving skills at the stunning Coogee Beach in Australia.

Written by Indian-Aussie screenwriter Mithila Gupta and directed by the multi-talented, RJ , actor and a renowned personality in audio production Mantra Mugdh, it is designed to fuel Indian audiences’ Australian wanderlust and encourage the Indian youth to chase their dreams.

The plot revolves around three best friends Deven, Meenu, and Rahul arriving with the goal of earning their Bronze Medallion qualification to the Lifesaving Club at Coogee Beach in Australia. This trip of a lifetime becomes serious business for our Indian heroes, but ultimately ‘Desi Down Under’ is a funny and uplifting comedy about dream fulfilment, culture clash and humanity.

Starring Prajakta Koli as Meenu, Adarsh Gourav as Deven and Taaruk Raina as Rahul, the series is produced with 3D audio to make listeners feel like they too are on the adventure of their lives and is a must-listen for all the romance/adventure seekers.

The 9-episode podcast will be available in Hindi for free and in English at no additional cost to all Audible.in members.