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ATR beat officers become guides for job aspirants, PDC appreciates

Hyderabad: Forest beat officers in Amarabad Tiger Reserve (ATR) in Nagarkurnool district are now donning the role of teachers for Chenchu tribe and help them prepare for the recruitment test for government jobs.

Around half a dozen forest beat officers serving in the ATR under the leadership of Forest Divisional Officer, Rohith Gopidi are readying to execute a coaching program at the Environment Education Centre, Mannanur.

“Our plan is to help the aspirants from the economically disadvantaged, mainly belonging to tribal families, clear the exam and land a government job. As they cannot afford to travel and stay in towns or cities for preparation, we took the initiative. The local tribes trust us more and on coming to know about the initiative several youth have evinced interest for the preparation coaching by us,” he said.

Equally enthusiastic are the beat officers at working with the locals.

“There is a certain bonding between the local population staying in ATR and forest department. As a goodwill gesture the officials came forward to take classes, a syllabus plan was made and together, approved it in consultation with experts,” Rohith said.

The coaching will start later this week and continue for at least two months with morning and afternoon session. “It will be followed by test series where anyone can come and attend it,” he said.

A screening test was conducted at the Mannanur village located in the ATR which was attended by around 311 persons. “We will be selecting the best of them and providing them training free of cost for around two to three months and enable them to clear the exams. The candidates were more interested to work in the forest department because they are connected to forest for generations,” said the official.

ATR is home to Chenchu tribe who for years lived by collecting and selling forest produce. In the past, many of them got into the forest department and are now on verge of retirement. The zonal policy of the State government will help them in getting more jobs, officials added.

Progressive Democratic Council (PDC) Chancellor MA Mujeeb appreciated the efforts of forest beat officers serving in the ATR and their Forest Divisional Officer, Rohith Gopidi for enlightening the empowerment resources of tribal brothers and sisters. Mujeeb thanked Achampet Forest Divisional Officer, Rohith Gopidi for carrying forward motivational good work for the empowerment of underprovided Scheduled Tribes of ATR area.