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Assam cop arrests fiance after learning he is a conman

New Delhi: Assam police today arrested a conman who had duped several people by promising them a job with the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). Rana Pogag was arrested after his fiance Junmoni Rabha, a cop with Nagaon, filed an FIR against him.

Pogag had falsely claimed that he was working with ONGC in Assam. He would ask people for money in the name of giving them a job with the company. According to the police, Pogag allegedly duped people for crores of rupees.

He introduced himself as a public-relations officer to Junmoni Rabha, a sub-inspector in Assam’s Nagaon district. The two got engaged in October last year and were set to get married in November.

She filed an FIR as soon as she came to know that he was a conman.

“I am grateful to the three people who came to me with information about him (Rana Pogag) on how big a fraud he is. They opened my eyes,” Ms Rabha told the media.

Junmoni Rabha of Assam police had hit the headlines in January when she refused to favour BJP supporters when they were found bending the law during a call with Bihpuria MLA Amiya Kumar Bhuyan.