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As temperature rises in Andhra, Nallamala’s migratory birds set to return home

ONGOLE: As the temperature begins to rise, marking the end of winter season, several birds that travel approximately 8,000 km and migrate to Nallamala Forest from North America, Central Asia, Uzbekistan Kazakhstan, Russia and other regions will head to Siberia by the end of February or early March.

Regions close to Nallamala Forest, including Pedda Dornala, Rollapenta and other areas of Srisailam Forest, become home to some feathered creatures such as short-eared owl, Montagu’s harrier, Eurasian marsh harrier, pallid harrier and various species of eagles.

“As the greater short-toed larks and other migratory birds start to return to their natives in March, these raptors (Hawks and Harriers) also follow them. With these migratory birds, the biodiversity of the Nallamala- Srisailam Tiger Reserve Forest is further enhanced,” said Shaik Mohammed Hayath, Nallamala (Biodiversity-Srisailam) Forest Range Officer (FRO).

Besides, 14 species of owls are also seen in the forest, including short-eared owl – the only migratory bird which on smaller birds. Short-toed owls migrate between India (Andhra Pradesh) and Central European countries (England), and Russia for roosting. Its migration period is from September, October or November to middle of March.

Forest department staff had captured an image of this particular species of owl in Rollapadu Wild Life Sanctuary earlier as well as in Nallamala Forest region recently.