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Archaeological Dept reveals 15th-century rock inscription

ONGOLE: The archaeological department authorities unearthed a rock inscription in the age-old Veligonda- Lord Sri Tiruvengalanadha (Venkateswara) Swamy temple (situated in the Konakanamitla mandal limits of Prakasam district) premises that belongs to Vijayanagara dynasty emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya time.

As per the history and other devotional/spiritual literature, the Veligonda-Lord Venkateswara Swamy temple has been in the limelight and famous pilgrim place since the 14th century.

Many rock inscriptions belonging to the kings era revealed that the temple was managed by the then Vijayanagara dynasty and its tributary chiefs/Samanta’s.

In this connection, the archaeological department authorities released the details with the photographs of a few rock inscriptions which were found in the Veligonda-Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple premises.

Another rock inscription was found in the nearby Garladinne-Village limits which is an affiliated village to the Veligonda temple to the Mysore–Archaeological Research Center (M-ARC) for clarification.

However, at present, the devotees are performing pooja to the rock inscription in the Veligonda temple premises. Recently, the M-ARC authorities claimed that the inscriptions belong to the Vijayanagara dynasty-Sri Krishnadevaraya time. But, the inscription found in the Veligonda temple were dated 7th June 1521.