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AP, TS played into hands of Centre: Mysura Reddy

HYDERABAD: Former Minister and activist of separate statehood movement for Greater Rayalaseema, MV Mysura Reddy on Wednesday said that the Ministry of Jal Shakti notifying the jurisdiction of Krishna River Management Board and Godavari River Management Board, transferring the operation of all projects to these boards, will destroy the interests of irrigation projects in Rayalaseema region as well as those in both Telugu states.

Speaking to the media, he said that Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh should have solved the issue amicably instead of throwing the ball into Centre’s court. The Andhra Pradesh government should have given a thought before welcoming the Gazette notification, he added. Stating that a third party benefits when two people fight over something, Mysura Reddy said that the Centre has taken over the power as the two states fought. While alleging that Telangana was drawing more water from Krishna river than what was allocated to the State, he wondered why AP government was not raising any objections.