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AP govt. to provide electricity subsidy to Aqua farmers from September 1

Vijayawada : The survey conducted to apply electricity subsidy to small and small aqua farmers who cultivate less than 10 acres in Aqua zone will end at the end of this month. The government is making arrangements to apply electricity subsidy to eligible people from September 1. In the state, 1.40 lakh acres of salt water and 3.89 lakh acres of fresh water are being cultivated.

According to e-Crop Booking, there are 1,35,842 aqua farmers including 95,277 under 2.5 acres, 22,358 under 2.5 to five acres, 11,809 under 5-10 acres and 6,398 over ten acres. But, those who are cultivating in the non-aqua zone are also benefiting through electricity subsidy. Also, in some places, if the connection is in one’s name, the cultivation is being done by another.

Against this background, the government decided to apply the electricity subsidy only to the small and small aqua farmers within the area of ??five acres within the first zone, and then increased that limit to ten acres. Later, a survey was conducted with the Departments of Electricity, Revenue and Fisheries to identify the farmers who are actually cultivating within the aquazone.

The details such as under whose name the electricity connection is, how much area is covered by that connection and whether the pond has license.

This survey, which was conducted in May, is already 95 percent complete and the government aims to complete it by the end of this month to identify the eligible and those lists are sent to the respective DISCs. Arrangements are being made to apply electricity subsidy from September 1 to the aqua farmers who come under the zone under ten acres as per the government regulations.

In order to get electricity subsidy, the be eligible aqua farmers within the zone advised to approach the Fisheries Assistants or Fisheries Development Officer in RBK with the Land Record, One B Form, Lease Agreement copy, Certificate of Culture obtained from VRO and enroll the details and get eligible for electricity subsidy.