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AP Global Investors Summit is a historic event in the state: Thammineni Seetharam

Guntur: Andhra Pradesh State Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitharam said that previous governments that ruled the state had also organized global investors’s summits, but this month’s summit held at Visakhapatnam was unforgettable in the history of India.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, he said that all the industrial giants of India have come together on one platform, and through this conference, the employment opportunities will be improved and the days have come when the dreams of the youth of the state will come true.

Tammineni Sitharam asked whether the previous government can bring Mukesh Ambani to the conferences organised by the previous governments. He said that giants like Ambani and Adani could be brought to Visakhapatnam under the leadership of Chief Minister Jagan and opined that many industrial giants have queued up for AP.

He also said that favourable conditions have been created for industrial investments in AP. He said that Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has created trust and confidence among investors.

Speaker Tammineni Sitaram said that agreements have been made for investments of 13.41 lakh crores and alleged that not a single agreement made in the previous TDP government was implemented. He said that the previous government could not give assurance to the industrialists and that is why all of them have been cancelled.