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Andhra Pradesh: Kurnool district tops for Rayalseema region in dengue, malaria incidence

KURNOOL: Kurnool has topped the four Rayalaseema districts in incidence of dengue and malaria. The district has witnessed a surge in dengue cases as it reported 152 till October 10 this year compared to 18 during the corresponding period in 2020.

Kurnool has also recorded a steep rise in malaria cases this year, compared to last year. Recent rains, stagnant water and poor sanitation at several places are said to be the reasons for the spike in vector-borne diseases in the district.

According to the data obtained from the Medical and Health Department, Kurnool has reported the highest number of 152 dengue cases in Rayalaseema region, followed by Anantapur with 141, Chittoor with 69 and Kadapa with 21.

The district has also recorded the highest number of 45 malaria cases in Rayalaseema, while the lowest number of 12 cases have been reported in Anantapur. Adoni and Nandyal divisions have accounted for a majority of dengue and malaria cases in the district due to poor sanitation in rural areas.

However, DM&HO Dr Rama Giddaiah maintained that the increase in number of dengue and malaria cases reported in Kurnool is due to collection of more samples for testing. Floating population from neighbouring Mahbubnagar in Telangana and Bellary in Karnataka is also contributing to the rise in incidence of dengue and malaria. “Our focus is to protect people from vector-borne diseases,” he told The New Indian Express.

“We have laid emphasis on creating awareness among people about the vector-borne diseases. As a measure to curb the mosquito menace in the district, every Friday is being observed as a Dry Day by local bodies,” he added.