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Andhra linguistic body prints Intermediate books in Telugu

VIJAYAWADA: Intermediate textbooks in the Telugu language published by Telugu and Sanskrit Akademi were launched by Education Minister Audimulapu Suresh and Akademi chairperson N Lakshmi Parvathy here on Tuesday, September 29, 2021.

Speaking to mediapersons, Suresh said the government established the Akademi in Tirupati with a special focus to develop the regional language, and the Akademi, for the first time since its formation, published Intermediate textbooks in the regional language.

“After the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu Akademi remained in Hyderabad. The previous TDP government completely neglected it causing severe inconvenience to the students. The present government is working for language development. For the first time since its establishment, the Akademi has been successful in designing and printing Intermediate textbooks in Telugu.”

The Akademi has printed textbooks with 54 titles—27 each for first and second year students. The minister further said the institution has a brand value, and the textbooks meet quality standards.

“Books used to study for competitive exams such as UPSC exams are being printed by the Telugu Akademi. In future, it will also print textbooks for other competitive exams such as DSC and TET, along with undergraduate and post-graduate degree books. Also, it offers glossaries, and books on translations, and ancient and modern literature,” he observed.

Lakshmi Parvati said the Akademi has published textbooks in English, Telugu and Urdu to benefit millions of Intermediate students. “With the previous TDP government ignoring the Akademi, crores of rupees belonging to it remained in Hyderabad. The Supreme Court pronounced its verdict in favour of Andhra Pradesh, and the pending funds will now be given to the State,” she observed.

“We expect the division of the Akademi to be completed within the first week of October,” Lakshmi Parvathi added. Akademi director V Ramakrishna and others were present.

Suresh pays tribute to poet Gurram Joshua on 126th birth anniversary
Guntur: The State government is determined to advance the ideology of great poet Gurram Joshua, who constantly fought against the inequalities in the society with his poetry, said Education Minister Audimulapu Suresh. Suresh paid tributes to the poet on the occasion of his 126th birth anniversary here on Tuesday. “Contributions of Gurram Joshua to Telugu literature and upliftment of SCs are unforgettable and his ideology lives with us even today.” “… In addition to introducing English as a medium in schools, the Telugu language has been made mandatory for students to learn. The Gurram Joshua Literary Awards will be organised by the Telugu Akademi to promote research on Joshua’s writings,” he added.