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Agency area tribals wary of Covid vaccination

Adilabad: Officials have identified a staggering 136 villages in Kumrambheem Asifabad district from where not even a single resident has got vaccinated.

Lack of awareness among tribals is leading to poor vaccination in the agency areas of the district, even as the number of Covid-19 cases are increasing rapidly. The percentage of the population getting vaccinated in agency areas is much lower than the percentage in the plains and urban areas.

However, the tribals are taking other steps to prevent the spread of the virus. They have imposed self lockdowns and have restricted entries to many villages. The low vaccination numbers are due to a lack of awareness and fear. Generally, many tribals of the region prefer herbal treatment for any ailment.

The number of people who have been vaccinated in Kumrambheem Asifabad district is 41, 235. Of the 136 villages from where no one has been vaccinated, 23 are in Lingapoor mandal, 53 in Jainoor, 40 in Karameri, eight in Tiryani and one each in Asifabad and Wankidi mandals.

Meanwhile, in Lingapoor mandal, a gathering for a local festival had triggered an outbreak, resulting in as many as 405 positive cases from 2-3 villages. Following the outbreak, officials swung into action, due to which no deaths occurred and all of them recovered.