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AFRC initiates action against colleges charging extra fees

Hyderabad: The Admission, Fee and Regulatory Committee (AFRC) constituted by the Telangana government has found that several colleges in the State are violating fee norms by charging excess amounts for B-Category seats.

The AFRC meeting was held here on Saturday and members who attended the meeting got furious over the irregularities.

It has decided to take stringent action against those colleges which were indulged in irregularities in the collection of college fees and the admissions under the B-Category seats.

The AFRC has also decided that those colleges which have collected fees more than norms, should be imposed a fine of Rs. 2 lakh from each admission.

Similarly, there are allegations that some colleges have given admissions without following the basis procedures. So that, those admissions given by the colleges should be imposed a fine of Rs. 10 lakhs. The AFRC has decided to collect the imposed fine of Rs.10 lakh per student from these colleges.