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Abolishing cow slaughter is the cure for climate change, says Gujarat judge

Ahmedabad: “All the problems of the earth will be solved if cow slaughter is stopped,” principal district judge Samir Vinodchandra Vyas of Tapi district court made these observations while sentencing a man for life imprisonment with regards to illegally transporting 16 cows.

The man was arrested in August last year. Besides the life sentence, he was also fined Rs 5 lakh.

“The problems that exist today are because of the increase of the irascibility and hot temper. The only reason for the increase is the slaughter of cows. Till this is completely prohibited the saatvik climate change cannot have its effect,” Justice Vyas said.

The judge did not stop there. He said that according to science, houses made of cow dung are not affected by atomic radiation.

“The use of gaumutra (cow urine) is a cure for many incurable diseases,” Vyas said.

According to Bar ad Bench, the incident happened in November last year. Vyas says that he is disappointed there are fewer debates and discussions on the benefits of cow protection.

“Cow is not only an animal but a mother. A cow is the living planet of 68 crore holy places and 33 crore gods. The obligation of a cow on the entire universe defies description,” Judge Vyas said.