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6 students suspended, 12 sent back for wearing hijab, AIMF alleges Govt’s incapacity to deliver goods, diverting people’s attention

Dakshina Kannada: Authorities in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka on Thursday suspended 6 students for wearing hijab in spite of a series of warnings. In another instance, 12 students were sent back for wearing hijab while attending classes.

In an strong objection All India Muslim Federation (AIMF) President and Chancellor Jana Parishad Party MA Mujeeb alleged that to hide incapacity of the Karnataka Government in addressing the burning public issues, it is diverting the public attention.

Mujeeb said that Basavaraj Government in Karnataka should clarify that when the apex Court clears that women having legal right to sell their bodies in the flesh trade, why women do not have right to wear what they want to wear, Mujeeb questioned Basavaraj’s insane Government. Mujeeb demanded immediate suspension of Karnataka Government.

Six students of the Uppinangadi Government Pre University College have been suspended for repeatedly violating hijab guidelines. The principal of the college took the decision to suspend the students after holding a meeting with college lecturers.

The 6 girl students were informed about the government order and the decision of the High Court prohibiting wearing of hijab in classrooms.

Though the authorities of Mangaluru University College near Hampanakatte have been sending back students wearing hijab, 16 girl students who came wearing hijab on Thursday demanded that they should be allowed to attend classes.

The college principal denied their entry into classrooms and sent them back. The decision was taken in the Syndicate meeting. The students had also gone to the District Commissioner’s office and had complained for not being allowed to attend classes while wearing hijab.

The District Commissioner had counselled them to follow the rules of the government and the court order. However, the students did not budge and came to the college on Thursday wearing hijab.

Hijab row, started by 6 students of Udupi Pre-University Government Girl’s College, became a raging controversy in the state making international headlines. The Special Bench of the High Court, which was constituted to hear the matter, ruled against wearing any religious symbols including hijab in classrooms. The court had also dismissed the petition filed by students seeking permission to wear hijab in schools.