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YSRCP won AP municipal polls with ‘threats’: Pawan Kalyan

Amaravati: Actor-politician and Janasena founder Pawan Kalyan alleged that the ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) won majority of seats in the municipal polls by “threatening to cut rations and food supplies to people if they do not vote for them”.

“YSRCP may have won the highest number of seats in the municipal elections but that victory came with threats,” said Kalyan.

“We will remove pensions for you parents. We will stop the money you receive for your children’s education. We will not waive loans for farmers. Like this they threatened and hit them where it hurt most — source of food and shelter — to win. However, they did not give them any assurance,” he added.

How long the YSRCP will continue in the same manner, he wanted to know. The actor asked everyone to think about it and react. Kalyan also alleged that candidates were being threatened when they wanted to contest in MPTC, ZPTC and panchayat polls.

The actor-politician made the allegations at an event celebrating seven years of his party’s existence.

Meanwhile, senior YSRCP leader and Nagari MLA Roja Selvamani said it was better for people to talk less about Janasena. “It is limited to 17 to 19 wards or divisions, you have to think that. When these injustices were done, where did you people go to complain?” questioned Selvamani.

She alleged that all the people who believe in Janasena are being embarrassed by Kalyan because in Telangana he tells people to vote for TRS and comes to Vijayawada and calls people to vote for Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

“He goes to Tirupati, leaves the seat for BJP and falls on their feet. So he does not have any agenda. Accordingly it appears, he himself doesn’t know when he will tell people to vote for which party,” she claimed.

She claimed that Janasena members should realize the embarrassment of being in that party and better exit it. She alleged that if they believe in the actor, he will just show them and do his business.

Similarly, YSRCP leader Modgugula Venugopal Reddy slammed Janasena’s multiple alliances. He likened these stitching of various alliances of Kalyan’s party to a marriage between a man and woman and said they should stick together come what may. However, it has not been the case with Kalyan’s party, Reddy said.

Reddy alleged that it was becoming one samasaram (political marriage) a month for Janasena and termed it incomprehensible.

“How much respect one garners depends on the individuality one maintains. If you join Chandrababu it will go from good to worse,” he claimed.