World biggest, leading democracies at crossroads

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Democracies across the world, including the US and India, are at a crossroads and there was a need to stand up against the chaos to protect democracy. Never before did the world need India’s energy like now to speak against sexism, racism and stand up at this crossroad moment.

Don’t give way to anger, resentment, and disappointment. Stay engaged, speak out to achieve democracies. Despite there are some old horses who are tired to think and repeat what they have something in corner of their minds that too picked up from here and there, does not work out to be an immediate alternative.

Both the US and India were facing serious undercurrents threatening to strike at the roots of democracy, warning that US President Donald Trump “will damage it”. In fact, former US president and his team did not have a problem with a power difference in her country but was worried about fewer debates on pertinent issues that will take it towards one-party dominance. While here in India, things are put into reverse gear on the religion, and there has been no religious tolerance and forget about the State complying or invoking with the statutory provisions of the Secularism and practical and accountable democracy.

That is the situation in Washington at present. It was “the first-ever reality TV election in the history of the US, while demonstrations of harassments in either of the community has become the hot topic in the Indian mandate.

Reality TV because a person who is the most outrageous and prone to say incorrect things gets away with it, drawing big rankings. Many people were, unfortunately, attracted to such diatribes. The average
American counted the reaction against the immigrants as one of the reasons behind Trump’s win.

The US has immigrants from Latin America, India and China who are hard working and law abiding but Trump’s campaign of ‘Make America Great Again’ like Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India was backward. While Clinton won from the places which have a 2/3rd share in the gross domestic product,

Modi here in India made inroads based on caste, creed, harassment of a particular section of the people and rather cornering them as a whole. In fact, a smear campaign was on for Clinton, as she was going to jail almost at the end of each day of her campaign.

That is how Client’s hustings mode momentum was almost stopped and decreased her votes. The hustings of developed country and the developing country like India has similarities of diverting the voter’s pulse to something different that Government never thought to do.

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