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Will rename the Health University after NTR as soon as TDP comes to power

Amaravathi: TDP National General Secretary, MLC Nara Lokesh said that changing the name of NTR Health University is an evil thing.

He said that they strongly opposed to removing NTR’s name to Health University and renaming it with YSR’s name in legislative council and assured that they would rename the University after NTR as soon as TDP comes to power.

Nara Lokesh revealed that BJP, Left and PDF MLCs have openly opposed the decision taken by the government. Nara Lokesh said that Jagan has taken a decision that will humiliate the Telugu people and asserted that YSRCP leaders also do not like name change. He recalled Chandrababu named the Health university after NTR in 1998.

He said that the chairman acted unilaterally in the council today and sent the members out with the help of a marshal while writing down the rights of the members. He said that the nine bills introduced in the council were unilaterally approved in nine minutes without any discussion.