Will ‘Bulli Bai’ like situations be repeated?

Niraj Bishnoi, the alleged mastermind and creator of the ‘Bulli Bai’ application, has revealed that he had the habit of hacking into and defacing the websites of schools and universities of both India and Pakistan. Such unfortunate incidents will be reported as the developing of App has become common.

It is pertinent to make a mention that Bishnoi has disclosed during interrogation that he was also in touch with the person behind the Twitter handle @sullideals, the alleged creator of the ‘Sulli Deals’ app that was hosted on GitHub in July last year.

The Delhi police had arrested 21-year-old Bishnoi from Assam and claimed that it has solved the case which relates to hundreds of Muslim women being listed for “auction” on the “Bulli Bai” app on the Github platform. And intelligence wing of the Government having knowledge does not act timely but prolong the situation for the political benefit of the ruling establishment.

A resident of Jorhat who studies computer science engineering in Bhopal, Bishnoi is the fourth person to be arrested for their alleged involvement in the app.

The other three, nabbed by Mumbai Police, include a 19-year-old woman from Uttarakhand, also alleged to be a prime accused in the case.

The claim of Bishnoi being in touch with the creator of the ‘Sulli Deals’ app is being verified. Further technical analysis is being done and forensic examination of devices is underway.

During interrogation, Bishnoi has revealed that he has the habit of hacking and defacing websites. He has been learning it since he was 15-year-old. He had hacked or defaced various websites of schools and universities of India as well as of Pakistan.

Bishnoi has an inclination towards the Japanese animated gaming character ‘GIYU’. He had created various Twitter handles using the word and used one such account to challenge the law enforcement agencies to nab him.

He had earlier created various Twitter handles — @giyu2002, @giyu007, @giyuu84, @giyu94 and @giyu44. The account @giyu44 was created by the accused on January 3 to discredit the arrests made by the Mumbai Police in the case and to throw an open challenge to law enforcement agencies to nab him.

The accused threw a challenged to the policing, a day before his arrest, he had tweeted, “You have arrested the wrong person, slumbai police.”

“Lmao only one guy was ever involved and that’s me. You pajeets arrested a follower of that acc with sikh dp, who had nothing to do with the app and didn’t tweet anything wrong. Do you have even the slightest bit of shame slumbai pulis?” Bishnoi mentioned in his tweet. In line with the Godhi Media of Prime Minister’s boss RSS controlled to defame a section of people and their females. It is evident and for the reason that Delhi Police continued its inaction from June last year until Mumbai police acted timely and brought the principal accused persons to book,

Bishnoi has further disclosed that he was in touch with the persons arrested by the Mumbai Police and used to chat through Twitter. And Twitter is being used for illegal purposes, therefore there needs revamping of the Information Technology Act.

He had never met those persons and even did not have their contact numbers. He also disclosed that he was using the Twitter account of Shweta, arrested by the Mumbai Police.

Bishnoi is trying to delay the investigation and not cooperating. He had also tried to harm himself twice and also threatened to commit suicide.

Due care is being taken care of him in custody. His medical examination has been conducted and he is stable and unharmed. This may be due to his mental condition or maybe he wants to delay the investigation.

During social media monitoring, it came to notice that two websites were claiming that the responsible Police had interviewed Bishnoi hours before his arrest.

It is clarified that accused Niraj Bishnoi was disturbed after the arrest of three of his followers namely Vishal, Shweta and Mayank Rawal. He wanted to divert the attention of the media by claiming that Vishal and Shweta were innocent.

To propagate this fact, he had created the Twitter account @giyu44 and started sharing the screenshots of the code creation and the email accounts used by him for creating the code on GitHub.

Bishnoi had received mail from GitHub on the email account used by him, as a policy measure of GitHub, that they had received an information request from a law enforcement agency.

To support his claim of creation of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app and to prove the innocence of earlier arrested accused he had shared the login details, email details and screenshots with one Shubham Sharma and on Twitter also.

Bishnoi had intentionally divulged the details with Sharma and on Twitter to gain publicity. He had shared only partial details to support his claim of the creation of the app. He communicated through VPN with them also, so that he could not be traced. He was challenging the law enforcement agencies to nab him.

It is true such situations will be developed other Bishnois belonging to Hindu Muslim hate and divide ideology of RSS promoting Manuwad to bring in Manusmrithi through the Government’s double standards one against Muslims and other supporting anti social elements belonging to Hindutwa and Godhi Media.

As long as the Government do not take precautionary action to abide by the saying that precautions are better than cure, such anti national culture will continue prejudicing all sections of the Indian Society.